Eavesdrop Analytics

Research and Development, digitalization, new technologies, innovative and digital services, brand value and social imaginary

Our services

Eavesdrop Analytics is ready to listen to customers’ innovative ideas and helps them put their ideas into practice by taking advantage of market opportunities.


Eavesdrop Analytics is made up of researchers and expert consultants who provide their support and assistance to companies in the public and private.

Research and Development

Eavesdrop Analytics encourages technology transfer by acting as an intermediary between companies and the research world with the aim of facilitating dialogue 

Data Science for Web Marketing

Alongside offline promotion and sales strategies and traditional market analysis, Eavesdrop Analytics supports the Web channel to study the market and allow its customers to enhance their promotion.

Development of IT tools

Eavesdrop Analytics is active in infrastructure development and marketing. Our IT tools are complex systems that allow us to collect, aggregate, promote and market all the digital products already on the market


Eavesdrop Analytics strongly believes that training and updating skills are two essential processes for success in the current competitive environment.

Organization of events and seminars

Eavesdrop Analytics provides all its know-how for the creation and production of cultural, celebratory and commercial events.

Staff Leasing

We also set ourselves up as a job agency. We lend our most qualified employees to clients for specialist skills.

Main Topics

Research and Development, Digital Transformation, New Technologies, Brand Value and Social Imaginary.

About us

Eavesdrop Analytics is an innovative start-up that supports companies operating in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and engineering to allow them a greater understanding of their digital identity in order to promote brand engagement, offering them solutions tailor-made devised by a team of experts. Eavesdrop Analytics develops, produces and sells innovative products and services with high technological value through new technologies such as Big Data Analysis, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

R&D, digitization, new technologies, innovative and digital services, brand value and social imagery

Our goals

Promote the creation of innovative services with high added value

Promote the implementation of enabling technologies

Identify user preferences through the use of new technologies

Help companies to identify the best way to promote and communicate based on the target

Promote the design and creation of new products and services in the context of the circular economy

Promote collaboration and cooperation between Research Centers, Universities and private companies both nationally and internationally.



Public territorial bodies


Non-profit cultural and / or territorial associations




Universities and research centers


Companies in the tourism sector


Companies committed to the circular economy

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