Main Topics

Main Topics

Areas of intervention

Research and Development, Digital Transformation, New Technologies, Brand Value and Social Imaginary

The objective is to promote and guarantee a certain degree of trust and collaboration among employees of a company to foster communication and teamwork. The goal of Eavesdrop Analytics is to promote team building not only as a training tool but also as an incentive tool. In addition, Eavesdrop Analytics aims at the activation of institutional, commercial, local, national and international relationships, in order to coordinate the lines of action, share initiatives and agree business strategies

Eavesdrop Analytics evaluates the feasibility of the plans and methods used by the client company. This analysis is useful for determining and forecasting the potential results (positive or negative) of a given investment that may require the use of a considerable amount of time and resources. The feasibility study done by Eavesdrop Analytics respects the highest requirements of investors, operators, banks and financial organizations. The study is divided into four main phases: market analysis, analysis of the geographical area, development of an action plan and profitability calculation.

The purpose of Eavesdrop Analytics is to outline and create a technological architecture that collects data and exposes relevant services for the target companies, with open (open data) and interoperable formats. This will allow the creation of an ecosystem capable of enhancing the contributions of all the actors involved as well as the integration of applications.
Starting from the data available online, the goal of Eavesdrop Analytics is to transform these data in order to obtain useful information to understand which products to sell, customer preferences and the fastest growing business areas. The data scientists of Eavesdrop Analytics are experts in the market of analytics and allow the creation of knowledge by accessing the most suitable sources to improve the management and performance of client companies.
Understanding the state of development and the main evolutionary trends of machine learning allows Eavesdrop Analytics to understand how this technology can contribute to the competitive capacity of companies, also thanks to the inclusion of new tools in the application portfolio. Eavesdrop Analytics will identify the main machine learning applications such as marketing, brand loyalty, cross-selling, fraud detection, anomaly detection, adtech, social analytics, customer engagement, reputation analysis and possible application scenarios based on the characteristics of the companies.
The identification and prediction of trends makes it possible to improve company performance through innovative methods and technologies. This is one of the main advantages of using big data in order to provide insights on brand loyalty. Big data analytics procedures, optimized in real time, can also be used by Eavesdrop Analytics to propose customized marketing solutions to client companies to improve, for example, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns or the offer to customers.
Eavesdrop Analytics Blockchain aims at identifying solutions to be introduced into existing business as a strategic tool for development. This technology can be used by institutions (public and private), SMEs and large enterprises that need to manage supply chains with a multiplicity of actors but also by companies having to manage suppliers and subcontractors, banks, service companies, operators in the retail sector.

Eavesdrop Analytics promotes the development of the circular economy to support the climate, ecological and social challenges proposed by the green economy, also increasing the competitiveness of client companies on national and international markets.

This purpose is pursued through:

  • the creation, collection and dissemination of studies and research on the circular economy;
  • the definition of key circularity indicators;
  • the identification of the main critical issues and possible solutions;
  • development of strategies, policies and measures to promote a positive dialogue between the business world and that of the institutions.
For Eavesdrop Analytics, the planning of a digital engagement campaign allows client companies to focus on involving users (mainly on social networks) with the aim of encouraging interaction between them or direct interaction with the brand. The adoption of this type of strategy involves not only a return in terms of visibility and online participation of users but also allows conversion possibilities for companies.
Eavesdrop Analytics uses Key Performance Indicators, key indicators that can measure the performance of an activity or process. These indicators have a strategic nature and make it possible to measure the success of a project. In order to be relevant, it is necessary that they are closely linked to the set objectives and that they are quantifiable and measurable in a clear and certain way.
By extracting and analyzing the opinions that users express on the web about the different products or services offered, Eavesdrop Analytics is able to measure the brand perception of customers. The main objective of this sentiment analysis carried out by Eavesdrop Analytics is to determine the degree of appreciation and popularity through a positive, negative or neutral classification.
Eavesdrop Analytics uses social network analytics to evaluate professional and personal relationships and the corporate environment to estimate bias in assessing the performance of client companies and to propose the implementation of organizational development models in line with actual business needs.
For Eavesdrop Analytics it is essential to identify the dimension of the imaginary, in which each company finds itself operating daily. The media have disrupted relational methods, created new symbols, revolutionized forms of consumption and created new needs. Eavesdrop Analytics supports companies in identifying the new existential dynamics in which consumers participate. The imaginary is a medium around which the identity of the individual and of the entire community is built. The objective of Eavesdrop Analytics is to build structured paths that will have complete reports as outputs, in which each company will be able to find its own emotional connection with a specific market.
Eavesdrop Analytics aims at identifying Artificial intelligence solutions to be introduced into existing businesses as a strategic development lever. The goal of Eavesdrop Analytics is to build structured paths that will allow companies to identify the level of adoption and use of artificial intelligence and the potential for future application and implementation for marketing and communication activities.
Augmented reality is able to radically transform the way consumers interact with brands and companies. Eavesdrop Analytics goes to support companies in identifying and creating branded augmented reality experiences, but also customized according to the target customers.
As a result of hacker threats, corporate security measures must evolve. Eavesdrop Analytics supports companies in order to intensify the level of control and protection of client companies that are exposed to greater IT risks.
Eavesdrop Analytics profiles corporate cloud solutions (secure, flexible and affordable, without affecting existing IT systems) in order to help improve corporate organization, safeguarding data and also improving communication with stakeholders (internal and external).
Eavesdrop Analytics uses the Industrial Internet of Things for the application of the IoT in the industrial field in order to identify smart solutions to increase the efficiency of the production and logistic processes of the client companies.
Eavesdrop Analytics uses Web Marketing to create the conditions so that the sites of the client companies are in line with the business purposes. Eavesdrop Analytics identifies the target of the company, improves the presentation, checks that the site is simple, gives a reliable image and monitors and improves the positioning of the site in search engines.
Eavesdrop Analytics aims at defining a “mobile strategy” in line with the needs of client companies. Currently, IT managers must ensure access to company information systems to “mobile” workers. Eavesdrop Analytics supports companies in identifying the platforms that deal with the centralized management of mobile devices used by company employees such as smartphones and tablets. Every company must have an appropriate IT structure capable of guaranteeing security in information management and data distribution, but also to guarantee an efficient mobile convergence.

Our services

Eavesdrop Analytics is ready to listen to customers’ innovative ideas and helps them put their ideas into practice by taking advantage of market opportunities.


Eavesdrop Analytics is made up of researchers and expert consultants who provide their support and assistance to companies in the public and private.

Research and Development

Eavesdrop Analytics encourages technology transfer by acting as an intermediary between companies and the research world with the aim of facilitating dialogue 

Data Science for Web Marketing

Alongside offline promotion and sales strategies and traditional market analysis, Eavesdrop Analytics supports the Web channel to study the market and allow its customers to enhance their promotion.


Eavesdrop Analytics strongly believes that training and updating skills are two essential processes for success in the current competitive environment.

Organization of events and seminars

Eavesdrop Analytics provides all its know-how for the creation and production of cultural, celebratory and commercial events.

Development of IT tools

Eavesdrop Analytics is active in infrastructure development and marketing. Our IT tools are complex systems that allow us to collect, aggregate, promote and market all the digital products already on the market